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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Evolvulus glomeratus "Blue Daze"

Scientific name:  Evolvulus glomeratus
Common name:  Blue Daze, Hawaiian Blue Eyes
Family: Convovulaceae

Origin: Brazil
Category: Tropical tender perennial plant

Photo taken at : My home garden

An ever-flowering ornamental plant with pretty little blue flowers suitable for growing in containers or on the ground. Looks good in hanging baskets and great ground covers. The flowers are showy but last less than a day. They open at dawn and close by early afternoon.Very good choice if you are looking for 'true blue' flowers to complete your flower beds and for mixed borders. It has wiry stems and the leaves are velvety soft and grey-green in colour. Grow in sandy soil, water regularly but overwatering may kill the plant. It can withstand droughts but misting may be needed when weather gets too warm and dry. Prefer acidic medium, therefore occassionally add some used coffee grounds to the soil. The plant can last for 2-3 years before it dies back. Propagation: cut some twigs and plant in soil.

Translation to Bahasa Melayu
Nota Ringkas:
  • pokok renek
  • ditamam sebagai bunga hiasan dalam pasu bunga atau di tanah sebagai tanaman tutup bumi
  • tanah berpasir yang mudah mengalir
  • sinaran matarhari yang banyak
  • siraman air yang mencukupi tetapi jangan terlalu banyak
  • pangkas untuk mencantikkan pokok
  • bunganya dalam warna biru
  • berbunga sepanjang tahun
  • membiak melalui keratan

This is my entry for Today's Flowers # 127, a meme which opens every Sunday, 2pm GMT. My grateful thanks to Today's Flowers team members; Luiz Santili Jr, Denise in Virginia, Laerte Pupo and Sandy Carlson. To participate and view other gorgeous flowers around the world, click here


  1. I grow them in big swathes. They do not like it wet. I never get sick of them I am always enchanted by their long flowering time and the cheerful, sky blue flowers.

  2. Like the blue colour! :)

  3. the flower looks lonely but lovely.

  4. have this flower in my garden.
    It blooms all year.
    Thank you for participating in the TF.

  5. The blossom looks like my flax but the plant is very different! ♥♫

  6. A wonderful photo and a very informative post. Always enjoy reading about flowers. Thank you :)


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