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Monday, August 13, 2012

Ocimum basilicum - Sweet Basil (White Flowers)

Scientific name: Ocimum basilicum

Common name: Sweet Basil, Selasih (Malay)

Family: Lamiaceae (mint family)
Origin: Africa, Asia
Category: Perennial shrub and culinary herb
Photo taken at: My home garden

The genus "Ocimum" is derived from the Greek word "okimom" meaning fragrant/aromatic.
The common name is derived from the Greek work "basileus" meaning "king".
With this, Ocimum basilicum would mean "Royal Herb"or "King of Herbs"

How to grow :
Grow in full to partial sun. Propagation by seeds or cuttings. Pinch back to keep the plant bushy and compact. Let the flowers dry up before collecting the seeds.

Features :
It can grow to about 1m tall. The leaves which are edible are used in cooking; in stir fries, soups and in flavouring food.

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