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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Bauhinia kockiana

Scientific name: Bauhinia kockiana
Synonym: Bauhinia coccinea

Common name: Kock's Bauhinia, Climbing Bauhinia, Red  Trailing Bauhinia

Chinese name: 素心花藤 (su xin hua teng)
Malay name: Katup-katup, Ketup-ketup, Bunga Merak

Family: Fabaceae/Leguninosae 
Origin: Southeast Asia
Category: Woody climber
Photo taken at: Hotel Equatorial Bangi-Putrajaya

Further reading from my NST article, Flaming Flowers.

How to grow
Light : Full sun
Soil : Deep, fertile soil with shade for the roots
Water : Regular, do not let soil dry out
Prune : After flowering to control growth, encourage new shoots, branches and more flowers
Propagate : Seeds, air-layering, marcotting.
Pest and diseases: Generally pest and disease free

Features : Flowers in clusters of flaming inflorescences. Flower buds are green and change to yellow, peach and finally orange-red. The colours change in sequence as they mature, so there is a mix of 3 colours at any one time. 

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