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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Ficus deltoidea - Mas Cotek (Female)

Scientific name: Ficus deltoidea
Common name: Mistletoe Fig, Rusty Leaved Bush, 

Malay name* :  
Mas Cotek,  Emas Cotek, Pokok Barito, Pokok Raja Ubat, Secotek Emas,
Ara Burung, Ara Jelatih, Ara Tanah

In other places *:
Borneo - Serapat, Sempit-sempit or Agoluran
Indonesia - Tabat Barito
Africa - Kangkalibang

Family: Moraceae
Origin: Malay archipelago
Category: Perennial herb 
Photo taken at: My home garden

How to growing:
Light :  Full or partial sun
Soil : Rich, well drained
Water : Medium
Propagation: Cuttings

The plant grows wild as an epiphyte in the jungles and oil palm plantations of Peninsular Malaysia, Sumatra, Jawa, Borneo and Moluccas.

It is a medicinal plant for locals.

* Source: Wikipedia and Bio-Asli
For further reading, please visit Globinmed

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