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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Eucharis amazonica - Amazon Lily

Scientific name: Eucharis amazonica
Synonym: Eucharis grandiflora

Common name: Amazon Lily, Eucharist Lily
Family: Amaryllidaceae
Origin: Peru
Category: Bulbous perennial
Photo taken at: Rooftop Secret Garden of 1-Utama 

Grow in shade, propagation by division of bulbs. Can be grown in a container or on the ground as ground cover.

Features : Flowers are white and fragrant.


  1. What month did your Eucharis flower? I think this is not in your garden, is it? My Eucharis flowered already for two years.

    1. Haha, as stated above, the photo was taken at the rooftop Secret Garden of 1-Utama.


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