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Monday, March 19, 2012

Alpinia purpurata - Red Ginger

Scientific name: Alpinia purpurata
Synonym: Guillainia purpurata

Common name: Red Ginger, Purple Alpinia, Ostrich Plume
Chinese name: 紅花月桃 (hong hua yue tao)
Malay name: Alpinia Merah

 Family: Zingiberaceae
Origin: South West Pacific
 Category: Perenial herb

Photo taken at: The Secret Garden of 1-Utama

There is another variety of Alpinia purpurata with pink flowers.
Growing conditions: Full to partial sun, lots of water, well-drained fertile, moist soil.
Make a good cut flower for the vase where it can last between 5-7 days

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