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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Red Roses

Common name: Rose
Chinese name: 玫瑰 (mei gui)
Malay name: Bunga Mawar
Family: Rosaceae
Origin: Asia
Category: perennial plant

Photo Taken at: Cameron Highlands

The meaning of red roses:

Rosebuds symbolises beauty, youth and a heart innocent of love. The message is, "You are young and beautiful, pure and lovely".

Roses symbolize sincere love, respect, courage and passion.

A single rose in full bloom signifies simplicity, the message is "I Love You!"

Rose leaves are symbols of hope.

This is my entry for Today's Flowers # 132, a meme which opens every Sunday, 2pm GMT. My grateful thanks to Today's Flowers team members; Luiz Santili Jr, Denise in Virginia, Laerte Pupo and Sandy Carlson. To participate and view other gorgeous flowers around the world, click here

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