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Monday, August 1, 2011

Antigonon leptopus - Pink Flowers

Scientific name: Antigonon leptopus
Common names:
Coral Vine, Chain of Love, Hearts on a Chain, Coral Bells, Queen's Jewels,
Chinese Love Vine, San Miquelito Vine, Coralita, Confederate Vine, Sandwich Island Creeper, Honolulu Creeper, Mexican Creeper, Rose of Montana Vine.

Chinese name: 珊瑚藤 (shan hu teng)

Malay name: Air Mata Pengantin or A Bride's Tears (of happiness?), Bunga Berteh, Bunga Bonet

Family: Polygonaceae
Origin: Mexico

Category: Ever-flowering tendril climber
Photograph taken at: My home garden

Interesting feature:
It has heart shaped flowers, leaves and fruit pods!


  1. thank you! we just saw some here in florida and it is delicately dotting everything, we were wondering what it was!

  2. Anonymous, please take note! This plant grows like a weed in Malaysia. It my be invasive in Florida.

  3. hello! i would like to grow this plant in my garden. would you mind sharing seeds or cuttings? thanks!

    1. Please send me an email with your address. I'll collect some seeds and send to you.

  4. Hi, did you have both seeds, I mean pink & white. If so, could you sent it to me. I will paid. Thanks. you.

  5. Hello...where n how to i get this flower long time seach this flower.really love this flower.

  6. Normala and Mohd Hafiz, the pictures are taken near an empty ground. It is growing wild there. You can buy the plant from nurseries and keep the seeds for planting. I used to have this plant but not anymore.

  7. you know which nurseries in kl sells the seeds to this plant ? pls advice.thanks

    1. Annie, nurseries here do not sell the seeds, but they do sell them in potted form or as a hanging plant. You can buy these starter plants from Sg Buloh nurseries.


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