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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Spathiphylum wallisii - Peace Lily

Scientific name: Spathiphylum wallisii 
Common name: Peace Lily, White Sails, Spathe Flower
Family: Araceae
Origin: Tropical America
Category: Tropical flowering shrub
Photo Taken at: My home garden

Today is ABC Wednesday, Round 8
P is for .....
Peace Lily!
P is also for the Peace, People, Prosperity, Party and Power.

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  1. Perfect Photo and item for the letter this week!

    Please come see the Paintings at my page.

  2. Pretty peace lily and perfect for this week's theme.

  3. all we are saying is give the peace lily a chance.
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  4. It's been a long time since my peace lily has bloomed but it's still beautiful! I do wish it had a few perfect blossoms though.

  5. To have a peace lily as a shrub in my garden -- that is not possible! But I love them as house plant and symbol.
    Thank you!

    ABC Wednesday Team


Yay! You like flowers too.

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