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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Duranta erecta - Pale Lavender Flowers

Scientific name: Duranta erecta
Synonyms: D. repens, D. plumieri, D ellisia

Common name: Golden Dewdrop, Honey Drops, Pigeon Berry, Skyflower 

Chinese names:
金露花 (jin lu hua - golden dewdrop) ,
假连翘 (jia lian qiao - false fuschia) ,
小本苦林盘 (xiao ben ku lin pan - little clusters in the forest?)

Indonesian names: Teh-tehan, Magelan, Sinyo Nakal

Family: Verbenaceae
Origin: Tropical America
Category: Ever-flowering scrambling shrub
Photo taken at: Selesa Hillhomes and Gold Resort, Kampung Bukit Tinggi, Bentong, Pahang

For more details, read my NST article, Scrambling Charmer.

How to grow
Light : Full sun but it can tolerate some light shade
Soil : Moist, well-drained
Water : Regular, do not let soil become soggy or dry out
Prune : Regularly to maintain shape and height. Do not prune off flowers if you wish to let them develop into golden berries
Propagate : Seeds or semi-hardwood cuttings

Features : The flowers which have a mild vanilla fragrance attract many types of butterflies, birds, wasps, carpenter bees and honey bees. It is ever-flowering. 


  1. We have lots of that here, it is a craze years before to plant them as hedge along the town and barangay roads. But it doesn't flower as much as the blue. YOu should see the white, it is also a prolific bloomer, however i only saw it in Mindanao here in the butterfly house.

    1. Here in Malaysia, Duranta erecta is popular in rural areas and resorts. This pale lavender flower variety is less common. The rooftop Secret Garden of 1-Utama is growing those with purple/blue and white flowers. I have already featured the white flower variety in the previous post.


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