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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Caesalpinia pulcheriima var. flava - Peacock Flower

Scientific name: Caesalpinia pulcherrima var. flava
Common name: Peacock Flower, Pride-of-Barbados, Dwarf Poinciana, Gold Mohur
Family: Caesalpiniaceae (Leguminosae)
Origin: Tropical America
Category: Evergreen shrub/small tree
Photo taken at: The rooftop Secret Garden of 1 Utama

How to grow
Light : Full sun
 Soil : Moist, well-drained
Water : Regular
Prune : To shape plant and to promote new shoots and flowering
Propagate : Seeds and cuttings

Features :
The flowers are a bright yellow in colour. Flowers the whole year round. This plant is great for the small garden. Can be grown in a container. It can reach a height of about 3-10 ft (1-3 m ) tall with a spread of 3-6 ft (1-2 m) wide. Grow as a bush or small tree. Quite a drought tolerant plant.

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