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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Saintpaulia spp - Persian Violet

Scientific name: Saintpaulia spp
Common name: African Persian Violet

Chinese name: 非洲堇 (fei zhou jin)

Family: Gesneriaceae
Origin: Africa
Category: Shrubs
Photo taken at: Floria 2012

The genus is named after Baron Walter von Saint Paul-Illaire (1860–1910), the district commissioner of Tanga province who discovered the plant in Tanganyika (now Tanzania) in Africa in 1892 and sent seeds back to his father, an amateur botanist in Germany. (Note: This sentence is taken from Wikipedia). 

How to grow
Light : Bright, filtered/indirect light shaded from the direct sun.
Soil : Well drained aerated soil.
Water : Only when the surface is dry to touch. Avoid getting the leaves wet. Do not over-water
Prune : Deadhead spent flowers
Propagate : Leaf and stem cuttings or offsets.
Diseases : Prone to crown and root rot diseases

It is suitable for growing indoors, by the window sill or in a terrarium.


  1. Kwiatuszki są śliczne. Pozdrawiam.
    Flowers are beautiful. Yours.

  2. Is that the "Zhi Ding Siang"?

    1. Dew, I'm not sure about "zhi ding siang". As I am aware, African violet is "fei zhou jin" in Chinese.

  3. Hello! I think the common name of this plant may be persian violet, not african violet. African violets are characterized by almost succulent like, fuzzy leaves that generally grow out from a low lying base. Persian violets on the other hand have glossy, smaller leaves that are connected to twiglike branches.

    1. JEBL, thank you very much for the information. I have amended the post accordingly.


Yay! You like flowers too.

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