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Friday, October 12, 2012

Paederia foetida - The stinky skunk vine

Scientific name: Paederia foetida
Synonyms: P. tomentosa, P. scandens

Common names: Stink Vine, Skunk Vine, Chinese Fever Vine

Chinese names:
牛皮冻 (niu pi dong - cow hide vine),鸡矢藤 (ji shi teng - chicken vow vine?),
红骨蛇 (hong gu she - red bone snake),臭腥藤 (chou xing teng - fishy smelly vine),
鸡香藤 (ji xiang teng - chicken smell vine),鸡粪藤 (ji fen teng) 

Malay name: Pokok Daun Sekentut, Akar Kentut-kentut, Daun Kentut,
Kesimbukan, Dangdangking, Pokok Balek Adap

Family: Rubiaceae
Origin: East and southern Asia
Category: Evergreen perennial climber
Photo taken at: By a roadside fence in Pushing, Perak.

The leaves and stems exudes a strong sulphurous odor when crushed. In Malaysia, it is found growing wild in open / vacant spaces and scrambling over other trees and shrubs. It grows vigorously, loves the full sun and adaptable to many types of soil.


  1. Such a beauty with bad smell!
    Is it that bad the smell?

  2. The name surely sounds stinky, but they're lovely!


Yay! You like flowers too.

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