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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Oxalis corniculata - Creeping Wood Sorrel

Scientific name: Oxalis corniculata Linn.*
Synonyms: Xanthoxalis corniculata, Acetosella corniculata

Common names: Creeping Wood Sorrel, Procumbrent Yellow Sorrel, Sleeping Beauty, Weedy Oxalis

Chinese name: :酢浆草 (ju jiang cao)
Malay name: Belimbing Pasir (Sand Carambola), Calincing, Semanggen, Semanggi Gunung, Daun Asam

Family: Oxalidaceae
Category: Annual / short-lived perennial 
Origin: Unknown **

For more information, visit My Nice Garden post here.

*Source of plant ID: 1001 Garden Plants in Singapore.

**According to the book, "Upland Rice Weeds of South and Southeast Asia" by Marita Ignacio Galinato, Keith Moody, Colin M. Piggin, International Rice Research Institute, Philippines Edi. 1999 the plant is "believed to have originated in tropical Asia, Malaysia, Australasia or the Western Pacific and probably indigenous to the Americas" (Page 60).


  1. Is it some called it "Japanese Rose"?

    1. Dew, no, this is not. Japanese Rose is Portulaca grandiflora, an example is here:

  2. It might be serendipity again, I have a draft of an Oxalis species for tomorrow, but it might be other than O corniculata, but i can't see the exact image in the net. I read your reference, and the author Marita Ignacio-Galinato is a former housemate during college. I haven't seen her in a long time, and i don't have that IRRI book.


Yay! You like flowers too.

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