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Friday, October 19, 2012

Hibiscus acetosella - False Roselle

Scientific name: Hibiscus acetosella

Common names:
False Roselle, Rose Mallow, Red-Leaf Hibiscus, Cranberry Hibiscus, Bronze Hibiscus
Malay name: Rosel Palsu, Gamet (Indonesia)

Family: Malvaceae
Origin: Tropical Africa

Category: Annual or perennial herb
Photo taken at: Hibiscus Garden Kuala Lumpur

How to grow
Light : Full to partial sun
Soil : Moist, well-draining
Water : Regular but do not over-water
Prune : To maintain a compact shape of the plant, also to promote new shoots and more flowering
Fertilize : Balance fertilizer once a fortnight
Propagate : Seeds or soft-wood cuttings

Features :
The plant is grown as an ornamental for its attractive burgundy red foliage. Leaves appear glossy and bright even under the sun. It can be grown on the ground or in a container. In Indonesia, the young leaves and shoots are eaten as ulam.


  1. why the called it false roselle, autum belle?look like roselle but not the real roselle errr...

    1. I guess this is because the plant eg. leaves, sepals and flower look similar to roselle, except for the colour e.g red leaves instead of green leaves.


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