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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Blue Vine Saritaea magnifica

Scientific name: Saritaea magnifica

Common names: Blue Vine, Glowvine, Purple Bignonia, Purple Funnel Vine
Chinese name: 蒜香藤 (suàn xiāng téng - garlic scented vine)
Family: Bignoniaceae
Native of: Columbia and Equador

Photographs taken at : The Secret Garden of 1-Utama

For more pictures, you can view my post at My Nice Garden here.

It is a semi woody vine which can be shaped into a large shrub. The funnel shaped flowers are large, scented and purple to magenta in colour. Flowers have white throats with magenta nectar lines running towards the centre. Blooms repeatedly with masses of flowers throughout the year. Foliage is dense and dark green, hence very ornamental and looks nice even when not in bloom. Grow in full sun. Propagation is by semi hardwood cuttings, simple layering and air layering.

This is my entry for Today's Flowers # 127, a meme which opens every Sunday, 2pm GMT. My grateful thanks to Today's Flowers team members; Luiz Santili Jr, Denise in Virginia, Laerte Pupo and Sandy Carlson. To participate and view other gorgeous flowers around the world, click here.

Translation to Bahasa Melayu
Nota Ringkas:
  • tumbuhan menjalar yang boleh dijadikan pokok renek
  • ditamam sebagai bunga hiasan di sekitar laman rumah
  • bunganya besar, berwarna merah ungu dan berbau wangi
  • sinaran matarhari yang banyak
  • mekar berbunga sepanjang tahun
  • dedaunan yang cerah kehijauaan menjadikan pokok in kelihatan cantik berseri-seri di masa tiada berbunga 
  • pembiakan melalui keratan batang, 'simple layering' dan 'air layering'


  1. It's such a pretty flower ... a new one for me! It's always such fun learning about gorgeous flowering plants like this, thanks for sharing!

  2. Incantatoare floare,frumos pozata.

  3. the petals look delicate. lovely color, too.

  4. my daughter loves that flower, my Friend. I will send that link to her
    nice day

  5. Beautiful macro shot! Orange bignonias have started appearing on the vines now, here.

  6. So pretty!

    My Flower entry, have a blessed Sunday!

  7. These are beautiful! I love the soft blue colours.


Yay! You like flowers too.

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