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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Arundina graminifolia

Scientific name: Arundina graminifolia
Synonyms: Arundina bambusifolia Lindl., Bletia graminifolia D.Don, Arundina speciosa Blume

Common name: Bamboo Orchid, Tapah Weed, Kinta Weed, Bird orchid.
Chinese name: 竹叶兰 (zhu lan) 竹叶兰 (zhu ye lan)

Family : Ochidaceae

Origin: Tropical Asia
Distribution: Sri Lanka, India, Nepal, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, South China, Indonesia,
Introduced to and naturalised in Hawaii, Pacific Islands, Panama, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica

Photograph taken: Hotel Seri Malaysia, Genting Highlands.

How to grow: Full sun with lots of water, moist well-drained fertile soil

This is my entry for Today's Flowers # 129, a meme which opens every Sunday, 2pm GMT. My grateful thanks to Today's Flowers team members; Luiz Santili Jr, Denise in Virginia, Laerte Pupo and Sandy Carlson. To participate and view other gorgeous flowers around the world, click here


  1. That's gorgeous!

    My flower, have a blessed Sunday!

  2. Gorgeous! I love its soft lavender colour, would look beautiful in any garden!


Yay! You like flowers too.

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