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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Zamia furfuracea - Cardboard Palm

Zamia furfuracea

Scientific name: Zamia furfuracea
Common name: Cardboard Palm, Cardboard Plant, Jamaican Sago, Mexican Cycad
Family: Zamiaceae (cycads, e.g. sago plant)
Origin: Mexico
Category: Cycad
Photo taken at: rooftop Secret Garden of 1-Utama

The botanical name is derived from the Latin words, "Zamia" for "pine nuts" and "furfuracea" for mealy or scurfy.

How to grow
Light : Partial shade to bright light
Soil : Well-drained sandy soil with compost added
Water : Drought tolerant, water when soil surface is dry
Propagate : By seeds. 

Features :
It is a prehistoric (dinosaur time) plant from the cycad family. It is not a true palm but has growth characteristics similar to palms. As it is difficult to be propagated, as germination from seeds (the only method) is very slow with low success rate, the plants availabe for horticulture may be illegally collected from the wild. It has been listed as "vulnerable" in IUCN Red List of Threatened Species - IUCN 2006. May be toxic/harmful to pets and children when the plant parts are consumed.

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