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Friday, September 28, 2012

Tecoma capensis 'Aurea'

Scientific name: Tecoma capensis 'Aurea'
Synonym: Tecomaria capensis 'Aurea'

Common name: Golden Yellow Cape Honeysuckle, Aurea Cape Honeysuckle

Chinese name: 硬骨凌霄 (ying gu ling xiao) or 南非凌霄花 (nan fei ling xiao hua)
Malay name: Tekomaria Kuning

Family: Bignoniaceae

Origin of Tecoma capensis: Mozambique, South Africa, Swaziland.
Tecoma capensis 'Aurea' is a cultivar from horticulture.

Category: Shrubs
Photo Taken at: My home garden

How to grow
Light :  Prefer full sun but can adapt to partial shade
Soil : Rich and moist but well-draining
Water : Regular but established plants are moderately drought tolerant
Prune : To maintain shape, promote new shoots and flowering
Propagate : Seeds and softwood cuttings

Features :
Ever-flowering and attracts birds, bees and butterflies. Grow as potted ornamental or mass-planting.


  1. Very nice Ms Belle. Yellow petals against purple stigma, nice color combo! How's the fragrance like? Sweet, I suppose..

    1. Ash, I think the stigma is red but I'm not sure. I hardly notice a fragrance! This yellow colour looks good when it is combined with orange or salmon colour flower cultivars of the same species.


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