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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Asystasia intrusa

Scientific name: Asystasia intrusa
Synonym: Asystasia gangetica subspecies (ssp) micrantha

Common name: Common Asystasia

Chinese name: 赤边樱草 or 十万错花
In mandarin, 赤边樱草 (chi bian ying cao) means 'violet margin cherry (sakura) grass' and
十万错花 (shi wan cuo hua) means 'a hundred thousand wrong flowers'.

Malay name: rumput Pengorak, rumput kambing (goat grass), bunga istana.

Family: Acanthaceae (Ruelia family)
Origin: ??? (unknown to me)
Native to: India, Africa
Category: Ever-flowering perennial creeper

Photo taken: by the roadside

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