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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Azalea - Bicolour Pink

 Scientific name: Rhododendron sp.

Common name: Azalea
Chinese name: 映山红 (ying shan hong), 满山红 (man shan hong),

Family: Ericaceae
Native to: Asia, Europe, North America

Category: Flowering shrub.

Photo Taken at: My home garden
Azalea is the symbol of happiness, harmony and balance in life. It is used to foster and strenghten relationships. Azaleas bloom in spring and the flowers last a few weeks. Azaleas are regarded as 'the royalty of the garden". There are sold as an auspicious Lunar New Year Plant. Azalea is lso the flower symbol for the star sign Sagittarius.

For more information about the varieties of azaleas and how to grow them, visit here

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  1. Nice bit of info on the azalea. That pink is beautiful!


Yay! You like flowers too.

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